Many individuals who are charged with, or investigated for a sex crime generally are law abiding citizens. Most of my clients suspected of having committed a sex crime have never, with the exception of a traffic ticket, been face-to-face with a law enforcement officer. As a consequence, these folks are often more frightened and intimidated by the criminal justice system. An innocent person is especially vulnerable to intimidation - and some law enforcement officers and prosecutors don’t care if you are innocent!

Today, sex crimes are treated more seriously than many other crimes. For example, a person charged with a child-related sex crime might face more severe consequences than, say, a person convicted of robbery. Bail may be set at a higher rate. If convicted, the prison sentence may be much longer. Plus, unlike a person convicted of robbery, a person convicted of a sex crime is branded for life. He or she may have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his or her life. He or she may be told where they can or cannot live or work. Plus, they will have their picture, criminal history and place of residence plastered on the internet for everyone to see.

For these reasons, if you are being accused of having committed a sex crime, it is critical that you hire an attorney immediately.


Unlike most other crimes, such as burglary, robbery, theft-or even murder-in sex crime cases, it is often the accused who is the victim. Why? Because public awareness of the impact of sex crimes often spawns predators who will falsely accuse you so that they may gain some advantage over you-or extort some money from you.

Who might these predators be?

  1. A person with whom you might have had a romantic relationship. If you dumped that person, he or she might retaliate with an accusation of date rape or spousal rape-or of molesting their child.

  2. A person who might be after your money. This often happens to wealthy folks or sports or entertainment celebrities. But it can happen to anyone. Frequently, the mark is wrongfully accused and "settles" the criminal case by paying the "victim" a large sum of money.

  3. Believe it or not, a child. Often, a child, especially a step-child, may be resentful toward the new spouse or lover and accuse him or her of sexual molestation. This occurs with alarming frequency.

  4. A child and/or a parent in a child custody case. I have warned many parents who have sought my advice in gaining custody of their children, "Don't be surprised if the mother or the child falsely accuses you of molestation." It happens with considerable frequency. As a matter of fact, most competent social workers whose job it is to investigate claims of child molestation will ask, as their first question: "Is there a pending child custody case?"

  5. Again, believe it or not, there are some rogue cops out there who will patrol public restrooms to entrap some innocent guy and charge him with lewd conduct. Or, there are some policewomen who will dress up as prostitutes and attempt to entrap you with an accusation of solicitation. Some cops will also engage in sting operations and attempt to trap men or women who are legitimately working as massage therapists or with an escort service. Raids of massage parlors are not uncommon.

  6. Most law enforcement officers are honest- but I have come across others in my 48-year career who have entrapped some poor guy-or who have falsified evidence against a guy or a woman.

Of course, the best way to avoid being charged with a sex crime is to familiarize yourself with the laws which describe criminal behavior-and then, don't engage in the behavior that is against the law. If you have a question: “Is it a crime to do what I am doing, or intend to do,” by all means, consult a lawyer. He or she can keep you from engaging in conduct you might later regret (so long as you take the advice).

But keep in mind that lawyers are not allowed to advise folks on how to commit a crime-for example, if a guy came into my office and told me he planned to rob a liquor store and wear a ski mask to avoid detection-and asked me if I thought he could pull it off, I would be required to attempt to dissuade him from robbing the store.

For example, if you and a date are kissing passionately and you make a further move and she says "no"-my advice, (were you to call me in-between kisses), would be to stop your romantic pursuit immediately!

Or, if you observe a scantily clad woman standing on the curb waving at passing cars-my advice: don't stop-keep on driving!

The bottom line is simple. If you need money, don’t break the law to get some money. Don’t commit robbery, burglary, theft or any other crime. And if you need sex, don’t break the law to obtain sexual gratification. Don’t pay for sex, don’t have sex with minors, don’t force yourself upon anyone or don’t commit any of the sex acts which are against the law.

Nevertheless, innocent men and women do find themselves falsely accused of a crime when in fact, they never came close to committing the crime of which they are accused.

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